Welcome to the ETHERIUM NETWORK gaming community official website 

We are a small server dedicated on giving our best on developing an MMORPG server that all players can enjoy.

This is not your typical minecraft server. We provide custom coded features that will give players a unique experience while playing minecraft.

We offer this following server features to get you started. But we warned this is still a developing server and some features may contain bugs and/or not working as            intented.

So please keep in mind that some changes in the server may affect your data or at some point be removed to accomodate a new feature.

We will also support the incomming game HYTALE in the future so stay tuned.


To get started you must first register an account in this forum.

Registering an account provides the server of a way to secure all players data and protect players from a toxic environment. We can moderate players easily and give support fast and efficient.

 You will need a valid email which you own. This helps us verify the owner of the account. This also helps the player recover the account in cases where a player lost access to the account. We have an account recovery feature in the website to help players recover the account. The site also has a change password feature where players can change their password if they feel their account is compromised. 

Click on the Register link under the login panel. Enter your valid email and user name  then at the last box put the word ETHERIUM NETWORK to verify that you are  not a bot. A verification email will be sent to your email. Open that mail and click on the link inside. This will verify that you are the  owner of the email you registered. You  can now enter the server 

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